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Can I sue the property owner if I get hurt or assaulted on private property?

If you were injured after an assault on someone else’s property, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the owner of that property – whether or not they played a direct role in the incident. But taking legal action after an assault on private property can be a very complex undertaking. You’ll need the help of an experienced Albany premises liability attorney. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you turn to The Shrable Law Firm, P.C. We have a team of legal experts who have a deep understanding of this area of the law. You can contact us online for a free evaluation of your case, or you can give us a call at (229) 349-6291. assault on private property

Elements of assault

Most people assume that an assault always involves a physical attack. But that’s not the case in Georgia. According to the law in our state, simple assault occurs when someone attempts to injure another person. It can also occur when someone places another person in a situation where they have a reasonable fear that they’ll be severely hurt.

What are a property owner’s responsibilities regarding safety?

Georgia law mandates that property owners have a legal duty to ensure the safety of anyone visiting that property. It doesn’t matter whether the property is a restaurant, a retail establishment, a private home, or some other type of property. The owner must maintain the property safely, make sure all visitors know of potential hazards, and take reasonable steps to keep them from harm.

Can you sue if you’re injured?

In most cases, yes. If the property owner failed to fulfill their legal duties, and that failure caused your injury, you’ll likely be able to take legal action against them. A homeowner, for example, may have invited you to a party knowing there were others in attendance who could pose a danger. That homeowner could have foreseen the potential for trouble, yet did nothing to make sure everyone at the party was safe. If someone assaulted you in the parking lot of a restaurant in a high-crime area, you might be able to sue the owner if they failed to provide adequate lighting or security.

What are potential legal remedies if you’re assaulted on private property?

You could not only pursue criminal charges against the person committing the assault, but you could also file a civil lawsuit against the negligent property owner. But it’s important you know that you’ll have to bear the burden of proof. As the plaintiff in the case, you’ll have to be able to show that the property owner was negligent and that you suffered injuries due to their negligence. This kind of case can become very complicated. That’s why you’ll need a lawyer who knows how to handle lawsuits from an assault on private property. You should hire an attorney as soon as possible so they can investigate the incident and determine who is liable.

Shrable Law Firm is ready to help

If you’ve been the victim of an assault on private property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Shrable Law Firm. One of our attorneys will listen to the details of your case and then tell you more about how we may be of assistance. Again, time will be important. We’ll need to investigate the incident as quickly as we can before vital evidence disappears. You can get in touch with us to schedule a free case review by contacting us online or calling (229) 349-6291.

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