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South Georgia roads are full of tractors and harvesters, especially from April to September as they transport workers to farms where they work long and hard to provide for their families. Farming is hard work and does not come without risks. Unfortunately, hundreds of farm workers are severely injured every year in Georgia alone, making it difficult to make ends meet while the medical bills pile up.

But farm workers aren’t the only ones impacted – crashes between passenger and farm vehicles are common on our roads, and toxic pesticide exposure can harm anyone within a certain radius of distribution.

If you were injured on a farm or by farm equipment, you may be eligible to receive compensation to pay your medical bills, make up for lost income, and more. Contact an Albany agriculture injury lawyer with Shrable Law Firm today for advice about how to proceed.

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Common farm injuries in South Georgia

Farmers and farm workers can be severely injured or even die due to agricultural hazards. Discussed below are some of the more common injuries associated with farming. 

Vehicle accidents

All farm work does not take place in one specified space. Farmers and farm workers often travel around the farm and beyond, usually on farm-owned tractors, trucks, and other vehicles. Errands, market trips, auctions, and getting the equipment fixed or purchased can mean driving trucks, towing equipment, or using a trailer. 

Many South Georgia crashes are caused by tractors, harvesters, and other farm vehicles. Accidents involving these vehicles are often severe enough to cause lifelong damage.


Injuries caused by falls are among the most common farming injuries. Agricultural work involves climbing ladders and into grain bins and hay lofts, among other things. Between barns and other structures, silos, and farm equipment, there are plenty of opportunities to take a devastating fall. 

Sometimes, falls can happen due to negligence, and other times. They are unavoidable accidents. Speak to an agricultural injury attorney in South Georgia if you feel you were injured due to someone else’s negligence.


It is rare even to consider suffocation as a cause of death, but farmworkers face an increased risk of dying by suffocation than most other careers. This can happen if they climb into a grain silo or a feed bin and are caught inside it. 

These spaces are not significantly ventilated since their purpose is not to have human visitors. They can trap toxic gasses, which, paired with the lack of ventilation, can cause the farmer inside to suffocate.

Injuries from farm animals

One of the most common ways to get hurt on a farm is by working with farm animals. Agricultural workers can suffer various injuries, including the ones listed below:

  • Bites
  • Being trampled
  • Knocked down
  • Stepped on
  • Stung
  • Pinned down or between other animals, buildings, or equipment
  • Pecked
  • Attacked

Pesticide exposure

Many farms employ chemicals to control pests that could otherwise destroy their crops or spread diseases. They can also be dangerous to those working on the farm. Pesticides can be toxic and prolonged exposure to the chemicals can cause health deterioration. 

Injuries due to explosions caused by pesticides are another way they can endanger the agricultural worker. Spills and fires are another threat from pesticides, as well as poisonings.

Agriculture equipment injuries

The use of farm equipment causes many farm injuries and deaths. This could be because the equipment is dangerous or defective, they did not receive proper training on using it, it was not properly maintained, or there was negligence at play.

Tractors, hay rakes, hay balers, harvesters, bush hogs, augers, and other equipment can cause injuries that leave the farmer worker crushed, suffering amputations, mangled, maimed, or entangled. 

albany agriculture injury attorney

Why should I work with an attorney? Why can’t I handle this on my own?

The Albany, GA agriculture accident lawyers with Shrable Law Firm, P.C. have significant experience working with insurance cases. We can review your case and determine where the fault lies. We have a keen eye for detail. 

We are here to hold the accountable party or parties responsible for the injuries you sustained because of their negligence. Our attorneys understand the damages that you could be eligible to receive, and we will tirelessly advocate so that you obtain them. 

Through knowledge, negotiations, and non-stop effort, we will work to make sure your case is resolved as positively as possible. 

Who’s responsible for your injury?

If you have been injured while working on a farm, you may wonder who is even responsible for the injuries you sustained. Sometimes, the farm itself is the responsible entity. However, there may be another party that is at fault.

Listed below are some of the other parties that could be responsible for your injuries:

  • You may have been injured by another driver who was behaving negligently.
  • You may have become ill due to exposure to repeated exposure to a chemical used on the farm, like a pesticide. The manufacturer may be the problem in this case. 
  • If you were harmed using equipment that was actually defective, it could be the fault of the machine’s manufacturer. 

Figuring out who the liable party or entity in a farm accident is can be challenging. Sometimes, there are multiple parties at fault. One of our skilled South Georgia agricultural injury lawyers can analyze your case and help you pinpoint the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

albany agriculture injury lawyer

How your Albany agriculture injury lawyers prove negligence

Farm accidents are often caused by negligence, and while this may be factually correct, it can also be difficult to prove. Listed below are a few ways that your attorney with Shrable Law Firm, P.C. will investigate your case and help prove negligence:

  • The farm owner continued using broken, defective machinery, tools, or supplies. 
  • Because of poor maintenance, the farm equipment malfunctioned. This malfunction caused the accident where you suffered your injuries. 
  • Safety equipment or protective gear was lacking, which could have prevented the injuries from taking place. 
  • Chemicals used on the farm were not labeled so that the farm workers understood the threats to their health if they experienced exposure for a lengthy amount of time.
  • Equipment was defective, leading to injuries. 

Sometimes, negligence is not immediately evident. However, you still must be able to provide proof that someone else’s carelessness or neglectfulness resulted in the injuries you sustained. If you believe someone else is liable for your injuries, contact Shrable Law Firm, P.C. for guidance about what your next steps should be.

Make sure you file a claim on time

In the state of Georgia, most personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years of the date of the injury or when you become aware of your injury. The statute of limitations is not all-encompassing. The amount of time you have to file a claim could differ depending on the cause of the accident and the damages you are pursuing.

You typically have two years for automobile accidents, wrongful death cases, product and premises liability, and one year if workers’ compensation is involved. Speak with an experienced Albany agriculture injury attorney about the specifics of your case so they can offer guidance about the time you have to file a lawsuit.

Damages you may be able to recover

Farming comes with a lot of risks to the safety of those working on them. Research provided by the Industrial Safety and Hygiene News tells us that farmers are ranked 8th among the most dangerous jobs, and agricultural workers come in 11th place on its list of the United States’ most dangerous professions. 

If you were injured on the job, you have undoubtedly suffered damages. You may be able to recover the following damages:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages and future income 
  • Property damage
  • Money spent due to your injuries that you otherwise would not have spent.
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional anguish
  • Permanent or temporary disabilities
  • Scarring and disfigurement 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of educational opportunities
  • Home alterations
  • Medical and mobility equipment 

Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to keep the damages they compensate farm injury victims for at a minimum. Often, what they offer will in no way cover the damages sustained. It can be a long and exhausting process. Having quality legal representation is key to moving things along until you get the resolution you deserve.

Cost of hiring an agriculture injury attorney in South Georgia

While you may be wondering what the cost of hiring an agriculture injury attorney in South Georgia might be, the question you should ask yourself is how valuable can hiring an agricultural injury lawyer be to my case?  

It is impossible to give you a specific dollar amount without having first consulted with you about the specifics of your case. However, it is important to know that we at Sharble Law Firm will aggressively pursue every dime of compensation you are owed, and we understand how to deal with insurance companies to make that happen. 

Reach out for a free consultation. Once you provide us with the details, we can provide you with a better idea of the cost of pursuing damages.

Hurt on a farm? Call our Albany agriculture injury lawyer today

Contact Shrable Law Firm at (229) 349-6291 today if you have been hurt on a farm or in a crash involving a farm vehicle such as a tractor or harvester. Our Albany agriculture injury lawyers are ready to help.

We will provide you with guidance, protect your rights, and make sure that you are always informed of all of your options. We are ready to fight for our clients who have sustained injuries in the agricultural field.

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