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When is an autopsy necessary in Georgia?

An autopsy is a thorough investigation used to determine the medical cause of death and the circumstances surrounding the death. An autopsy report can then be used for insurance or in criminal or civil cases to provide information that can be crucial to the case. 

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 Autopsy is Necessary When Death Occurs…

An autopsy isn’t required in circumstances of natural death where an excellent medical history is available or where there are no signs of foul play. The medical examiner may conduct a limited autopsy examination at their discretion, depending on the circumstances of the death. 

However, there are several circumstances when an autopsy is required, including if the death occurred in any of the following manners. 

1. As a Result of Violence

If  someone is shot in a bar following an argument, police may request an autopsy to retrieve the bullet, confirm that the bullet belonged to the accused shooter, and to confirm that the person would have lived had they not been shot.

2. By Suicide or Casualty

An autopsy is required in a suicide to find out or confirm the cause of death, especially as it may not be radily apparent at simply looking at the body such as in cases of overdose.

3. Suddenly and When the Deceased was in Apparent Good Health

The sudden death of a healthy person could raise questions as to whether or not foul play such as poisoning was involved. 

4. When Unattended By a Physician

When a person dies of apparently natural causes and there’s no physician who can certify the death as being due to natural causes.

5. In Any Suspicious or Unusual Manner, With Particular Attention to Individuals 16 Years of Age and Under

An autopsy will be required under either of these circumstances because it will help police determine what happened to the child and may lead to a criminal investigation if the autopsy implicates someone as being responsible.

6. After Birth but Before Age 7 if the Death is Unexpected or Unexplained

When a young child dies suddenly and unexpectdly, an autopsy might reveal whether it was an accident, parental or caregiver abuse, or murder.

7. As a Result of an Execution Carried Out Under the Death Penalty

Even if a prisoner is sentenced to execution under the death penalty, state law requires that an autopsy confirm the death was due to the execution and not some other cause.

8. An Inmate of a State Hospital or a State, County, or City Jail or Prison

When someone is a ward of the state, the state is responsible for the care of that person. Should that person die while in custody, an autopsy must be performed to determine the cause of death and absolve the state of any charges of wrongdoing.

9. After Being Admitted to a Hospital While Unconscious and Without Regaining Consciousness Within 24 Hours of Admission

An autopsy is required in this type of scenario because the circumstances are suspicious and it might not be known what caused or led to the unconsciousness. The family member of the deceased might need to know if it was due to a previously undiagnosed medical condition, or the autopsy could prove that the death was the result of a violent act.

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