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Divorce is never easy, but a skilled attorney can make the process more bearable for you and your child(ren). The compassionate attorneys with Shrable Law Firm, P.C. can help you protect yourself and your future and give you the skills you need to move toward a brighter future.

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divorce attorney albany georgia

Cost of divorce in Albany, Georgia

The financial cost of divorce ranges significantly from case to case. When partners are agreeable and there are not many assets to divide, costs are lower. The unique factors of each case affect the cost, and the factor with the greatest impact is whether the divorce is contested or uncontested. 

Simply stated, a contested divorce is one in which the separating spouses do not agree on the reasons for the divorce or the issues created by the divorce, such as child custody and support, and alimony. In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree on these issues and create and sign a settlement agreement out of court.  

Contested or uncontested divorce is the greatest factor affecting costs

The legal fees involved in a contested divorce are higher than those for an uncontested one. When sides cannot agree, their divorce lawyers in Albany, GA must spend more time negotiating agreements and appearing at court proceedings.

If you find yourself in this type of situation, you can count on an Albany family law attorney from Schrable Law Firm to provide you with trustworthy representation and work to protect your best interests.

Since both parties agree to all terms in an uncontested divorce, they will see lower attorney fees and avoid court appearances. Georgia’s laws for uncontested divorces make for a generally smooth process, and an Albany, Georgia divorce lawyer will take your case through that process with skill.

Why you need a lawyer for divorce

Having a trusted, experienced lawyer by your side during your divorce is critical to your case’s outcome. During the divorce process, emotions run high, and even those that start out amicably can deteriorate. It is also easy to become frustrated, to just “want it over” and agree to unfair terms just to end the process, a decision that can cause a lifetime of regret and hardship.

A Georgia divorce attorney from Schrable Law Firm will give you support and sound advice during these difficult times, working to ensure your fair treatment and the best long-term outcome. 

With comprehensive knowledge of Georgia’s divorce laws, your attorney will navigate the system effectively and offer you protection against potential unethical tactics attempted by your spouse’s representation. 

Who pays attorney costs and fees

In a Georgia divorce, the typical practice is for each party to pay their own attorneys’ fees. However, Georgia’s laws do provide safeguarding for spouses without access to the marriage’s financial resources. 

Georgia Code 19-6-2(a)(1) states that the assigning of attorney’s fees falls under the “sound discretion” of the court, and the court will consider the “financial circumstances of both parties” in making its determination. 

Legal separation vs. divorce

Some spouses decide to legally separate as they either try to work out their differences or prepare for divorce. It is important to understand the legal and other ramifications of both separations and divorces before making a decision about what is right for you. Speaking with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Albany, GA is the best way to get thorough information.

divorce attorney albany georgia


The most important difference between a legal separation and divorce is that under a separation, the couple is still married. The separation agreement is a court order establishing the rights and responsibilities of each party as they live apart.

Keep in mind that in Georgia, the term “separation maintenance” rather than “legal separation” is the phrase used when couples separate but want the courts involved in making decisions about their rights and responsibilities.

When separated, the marriage still exists under the law, making it illegal for either party to marry someone else. Separation maintenance does allow for reconciliation if the couple decides their marriage can be saved.


Like a separation maintenance agreement, a legal divorce document entails court-ordered rights and responsibilities each party must adhere to regarding their families and finances. For example, the court order dictates child custody arrangements, child visitation, child support payments, alimony, and property division.

Right to conversion

If a couple has entered a separation maintenance agreement and ultimately decides to file for  divorce, the separation agreement can be converted to a divorce settlement, saving both parties time and additional fees.

Why you can trust Shrable Law Firm

We communicate

When you partner with our firm, you will never be left wondering about the status of your case or left confused by any element of the legal process. Our Georgia divorce attorneys will update you regularly and make sure you have a crystal clear understanding of the process every step of the way. 

We’re confident because we prepare

Our attorneys are confident, whether standing in a courtroom or negotiating an out-of-court settlement, that we have the skills needed to bring the best outcome possible. 

We won’t back down

No matter who your spouse is, how much money they have, or who their attorney is, we will not be intimidated or back down from a necessary fight. We are on your side.

We do things right

You can count on your Shrable Law Firm Albany, Georgia divorce attorney to get things done right. We examine your situation, create an effective plan of action, and carry it out with precision. 

Divorce process in Albany, GA

File with the correct court

Spouses wishing to divorce must first file with the Clerk of the Superior Court in their county. You or your spouse must have lived in this country for at least six months. A complaint or petition for divorce includes the legal grounds for your divorce and the issues you want to be addressed by the court. 

Though this process may seem straightforward, it involves many specific and important decisions. Your best course of action is to first partner with a divorce attorney in Albany, GA to help you sort through the details. For example, will the divorce be contested or uncontested? Should you file first? What legal grounds do you have for pursuing a divorce? 

Discovery begins

Once divorce papers are served, the discovery process begins. This process can be emotionally taxing as you will have to provide extensive and personal information.

Settlement or proceed to trial

If your divorce is uncontested and you and your spouse agree to a settlement, you will not have to go to court. If you cannot come to an agreement, your case will proceed to trial.

Length of divorce

The time it takes until your divorce is finalized will vary, depending on the level of conflict, the number of issues to resolve, and most of all, whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

In Georgia, an uncontested divorce typically takes a few months. Though not the usual, the court can grant an uncontested divorce as long as 31 days have passed since you served your spouse papers or your spouse signed an acknowledgment of service.

Contested divorces take longer, and the more the spouses disagree, the more time it takes to make the divorce official. It is not unusual for contested divorces to take a year or more to reach completion.

Final documents in divorce

Divorces are finalized when both parties sign a Divorce Settlement Agreement witnessed by a notary, and the judge assigned the case signs the Final Judgement and Decree of Divorce.

To get a certified copy of your divorce decree, make your request to the Clerk of Superior Court in your county. 

Why choose Shrable Law Firm

Do not go through your divorce alone. Shrable Law Firm is here to help and will stand by your side from start to finish. Unlike “big box” law firms who only care about money, we actually care about our clients. Call us at (229) 349-6291 or visit our contact page to get in touch. We will handle your case with integrity and empathy, always keeping your best interests at the forefront.

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