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What rights does my loved one have in their nursing home?

You’ve made the hard choice to place your loved one in a nursing home, now you want to make sure they’re treated with the care they deserve. It’s important you have a clear idea of the rights of nursing home residents in Georgia. That’s what we’ll cover in this article.

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Your loved one’s nursing home resident rights in brief

Georgia law clearly spells out a nursing home resident’s rights. Although this is a quick look at many of them, this isn’t an exhaustive list, and some exceptions may apply in certain situations. 

nursing home resident rights

Right to notification

Residents must not only be informed of their rights, but they must also get them in writing, and they must be explained in a clear manner. If you’re preparing to trust the care of your loved one to a nursing facility, make sure you get a copy of those rights and ask any questions you can think of.

Right to receive information

Facilities must provide information on their rates and the services they provide. Residents must be able to obtain information on the facility’s policies and procedures and must receive their medical records upon request.

Right to nondiscrimination

Nursing homes may not refuse to admit anyone based on any mental or physical disability they may be experiencing.

Right to medical care/choice of doctor

All residents have the right to appropriate treatment and care. They also have the right to be involved in decisions regarding their care, and to be able to choose their own physician.


Unless needed to protect themselves or others from injury, residents must not be physically restrained, isolated, or otherwise restricted. If restraints are necessary, they must only be administered to the minimum extent possible.

Personal rights

Residents have the right to wake up or go to sleep whenever they choose. They can’t be forced to perform any services for the facility.


Nursing home residents can keep personal property in their living area.


All residents have a right to privacy. These rights include private visits with a spouse, and unimpeded – and uncensored – communication with anyone they choose. 


Residents have the right to retain complete control over their financial affairs. If they choose, they can transfer their rights to a guardian whenever applicable.

Citizen’s rights

A nursing home resident has the same rights as any other U.S. citizen. These include the right to practice their religion or avoid religious services if they choose. They also have the right to communicate with whomever they choose, and to participate in group activities. This right is in effect whether the activity is inside or outside the facility. 

Contact us if you feel your loved one’s rights have been violated

Contact an Albany nursing home abuse lawyer with Shrable Law Firm right away if you have any belief that nursing home administrators, staff, or anyone else are violating your loved one’s rights. We’ll investigate the situation and will help you take whatever legal action is necessary.

We are highly experienced in protecting nursing home residents whose rights have been violated or that are being abused, and we have a long track record of success in these cases. 

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